NJ Swingsets Leadtimes, Inventory and FAQs

Latest Update as of 7/15/2021 - PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL TO SETUP AN APPOINTMENT BEFORE COMING IN TO THE STORE! We can't guarantee we will be here or be able to see you right away without an appointment.



We are fulfilling orders previously placed at the same lead-times given upon purchase. Best method of contact is via email -

Right now we are accepting orders via website, phone (201-670-4000) and email. Best to double check availability BEFORE ordering.

To come into the store and look at swingsets, please call or email to schedule an appointment. At the moment we only have 4-5 sets on display, and unfortunately we cannot allow children to play on them. We are using the space to hold more inventory for another extremely busy 2021 season.

LOCAL INSTALLATION LEADTIMES (if you purchase a swingset WITH installation):

King Swings Sets (vinyl) - All King Swings Vinyl Products are available for installation in 7-10 weeks from date of purchase.

Gorilla Playsets -  We are SOLD OUT of MOST Gorilla Sets until AT LEAST August 2021. You can pre-order or check current inventory via email.

Playground One Sets - Most Playground One sets are available for installation in 1-4 weeks from date of purchase. Please inquire for a more exact lead time if you are in a rush.


Please send pictures of your yard and a written overhead diagram with dimensions/measurements to Yard checks are being performed only if absolutely necessary due to current volume.


Where can I find your products?
About 90% of our products can be found on our website using the link below. You can use the Filter Menu to narrow down your search.

What is the price of a specific product?

Our website lists pricing for each in stock product.

How much is installation?

You can find in installation pricing on our website. The price varies by set, brand and location. To find installation pricing you can click on the product you are interested in and select the "ADD INSTALLATION" option located under the price.

Do you have any promotions or deals?

At this time we are not offering any promotions, sales or deals.

Do you price match?

At this time we are not offering any price matching.

Do you install sets?

Yes, we love installing sets! You can find our installation lead times above.

Do you ship sets?

We can only ship swingsets in 2021 within a 120 mile radius of 07432. 

Is there any way we can get our set faster?

Unfortunately there is no way to get your set faster at this time. You can find our lead times above.

Do you install where I live?

We install up to 120 miles from our zip code: 07432.  To see availability and pricing for your location, please click on the product you are interested in and select the "ADD INSTALLATION" option located under the price. Then select the accurate location/mileage. This will add the delivery/installation fee to your order.

Are you doing yard consultations?

Yes we are, but due to limited resources we are asking that customers send over the following:

  1. Pictures of your area, showing space, any obstructions, boundaries and grade.
  1. Dimensions of said area. For example: a rectangular area between 4 trees, that is 20 feet wide x 20 feet deep.

The majority of the time we can figure out installation from the pictures and dimensions. If we can't figure it out then we will come see your yard.

Can you help me narrow down my search?

Yes, we’d love to! Please make sure you know the dimensions of the area we are working with. It is best to email this information. At this time, we are scheduling in person or phone call appointments.

What is the best way to purchase once I am ready?

The best way is to place your order is through the website. If you have a custom order, we can take your order over the phone. Please email or leave a voicemail to set up a phone call appointment to do this.

Why is your wait time so long at times? Don’t you have any inventory?

Even in 2021, Covid has really thrown a monkey wrench in our operations. We are seeing a much higher volume of purchases, while also having a much tougher time obtaining inventory. WE WANT YOU TO GET YOUR SET SOON TOO!  We are doing our best, please be patient.

Can I pay extra to expedite our installation?

We don’t feel that’s very fair so that is not an option.

 My child's birthday is next week and...

We love you, and we promise to do our best! 

Do you have any trampolines in stock?

We are not selling trampolines in 2021 due to supply issues.

Do you have any basketball hoops in stock?

We do not stock hoops, we order them and most can be delivered in 1-4 weeks.

Can you take down my set or move my set?

On a case by case basis only. Please email or call with a picture of your set and your location.

Can you install a set that I purchased elsewhere?

On a case by case basis only. Please email or call with a picture of your set and your location.

Can you perform maintenance on my set?

On a case by case basis only. Please email or call with a picture of your set and your location.

We SINCERELY APOLOGIZE for these temporary inconveniences. We pride ourselves on the personal touch and attention NJ Swingsets provides. If for some reason we haven't answered your question and/or returned your call, and it has been 1 full day, please reach back out. 

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