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If you have the pleasure of purchasing an installation through us and are local (within 120 mile radius of 07432) then you may have the pleasure of working with either Bill, Omar, Tony, Mike or our friends at King Swings. We install in most of NJ and in some parts of NY, CT and PA.  Our installers have been installing swingsets for many years and adhere to our extremely high standards.

Please read on to see our most common installation questions.

King Swings Custom Swingset by NJ Swingsets

We DO NOT hire outside contractors for residential swingsets, trampolines or basketball hoops.

What are our shipping and/or Installation Lead times?

Please go here: https://njswingsets.com/pages/nj-swingsets-leadtimes-inventory-and-faqs

Do you install where I live and what are your installation fees?

Our in house installers install up to 120 miles from our zip code: 07432. To see pricing for your location, please click on the product you are interested in and select the "ADD INSTALLATION" option located under the price. Then select the accurate location/mileage. This will add the installation fee to your order.

How can I tell if my yard can fit a swingset?  Is my yard flat enough? I have yard questions, etc

Please send pictures of your area, showing space, any obstructions, boundaries and grade to team@njswingsets.com

Please include dimensions of said area. For example: a rectangular area between 4 trees, that is 20 feet wide x 20 feet deep.

The majority of the time we can figure out what sets will fit and if installation will work from the pictures and dimensions. If we can't figure it out then we can come see your yard.

To schedule a yard consultation, please go here: https://njswingsets.com/products/yard-consultation

For slope, the general rule of thumb is if you measure 20 feet across and deep, one end should not be more than 12" higher or lower than the other end. If it is greater than this, we cannot safely install a set in this location without grading the area.

Do you do yard checks?

Yes, for a $50 fee. If you go on to purchase a set, the $50 is deducted off your purchase. We will ask for pictures and dimensions first before coming out for a yard check. Please see link above to book a yard consultation.

Can you take down, remove or move my current set? 

Yes, but we prefer to push these types of jobs to late summer, fall or winter due to the volume of installations in the Spring. In most cases we will have to decline these types of jobs March - July.

You will need to email team@njswingsets.com with pictures of your set and your location(s).

Can you install a set that I purchased elsewhere?

If it is a brand that we carry, and its late summer, fall or winter, then most likely yes. In most cases we will have to decline these types of jobs March - July. If the swingset is NOT a brand we carry, then we will most likely decline.

Please email team@njswingsets.com with pictures of your set and your location(s).

Can you perform maintenance on my swingset?

Yes, but not all sets. We handle these on a case by case basis. Please email team@njswingsets.com with pictures of your set and your location(s).

If there is any doubt, its always best to give us a call at 1-201-670-4000, or shoot us an email at team@njswingsets.com with any questions.

We look forward to serving you.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for stopping by!

Jay S, Owner - NJ Swingsets

"My son now has a rich kids swing set! LOL!" -Nicole M, Wyckoff, NJ



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