Gorilla Playsets Great Skye - By Price: Highest to Lowest

The Gorilla Playsets Great Skye is one amazing swing set!

There are 2 major variations of this set: The Great Skye I and the Great Skye II. The difference between these two is the Great Skye I comes with a tube slide on the upper deck, while the Great Skye II has both a tube slide AND a 14 foot commercial grade straight slide coming off of the upper deck!

There are 5 minor variations of each of these sets. The Great Skye I and Great Skye II come with wooden roofs. The Deluxe versions come with a vinyl top. The Supreme CG/WG versions come with Sunbrella tops. The Treehouse versions come with wooden roofs and an upper enclosure with windows.

The Great Sky line is one of the biggest and best swing sets in the Gorilla Playsets line! It's jam packed with amazing features!

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