King Swings - Alphabetically: Z-A

Discover unmatched quality and limitless possibilities with King Swings playgrounds - the playsets that redefine backyard adventures. Visit our showroom today and find out firsthand why we're New Jersey's top choice for these exceptional play structures.

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Create the Perfect Customized Play Structure Through Our Collaboration With King Swings Playgrounds!

Imagine a playground that's as unique as your child's dreams. Since its humble beginning in a 1,600 sq. ft. workshop back in 1988, this manufacturer has been turning those dreams into reality. 

Today, operating out of a sprawling 34,000 sq. ft. facility, the brand continues to set the standard for customization, quality, and fun. From enchanted castles to adventurous pirate ships, if your imagination can conceive it, King Playsets can construct it. It's more than just a swing set - it’s a passport to a world of backyard possibilities

When you partner with us at NJ Swing Sets to bring your structure to life, you will enjoy a seamless process from start to finish. Here’s why we’ve been the #1 choice for swing sets for sale in NJ for more than a decade…

Why We’ve Become Known as New Jersey’s Trusted Provider of King Playsets 

Exceptional quality and unparalleled customer service are the cornerstones of King Swings playgrounds and precisely why we proudly offer their playsets. We share the same values, after all. 

Each swing set is handcrafted by Amish artisans renowned for their skill and attention to detail, which promises lasting durability. The vinyl swing sets by this brand are virtually maintenance-free and backed by the most robust warranty you'll find anywhere. 

The best part is that through our collaboration with King Playsets, we are able to create virtually anything you can imagine. That includes clubhouse swing sets, swing sets with monkey bars, swing sets with rock walls, swing sets with sandboxes, swing sets with tire swings, swing sets with tube slides, and everything in between.

Whether you visit us in person in our expansive showroom or have us out to your property for a consultation, you can expect to be impressed at every step of the process. But, it doesn’t stop at the sale. We handle the installation and can provide tips on making the most of your new play structure. 

So, why not stop by and see what we can do together to create a custom play structure for your family? It’s time to take the first step towards making memories that will last a lifetime!

Bring Your King Swings Playground to Life by Visiting Our Showroom Today!

When you visit our showroom, you can feel the quality, see the craftsmanship, and experience the magic up close. We invite you to stop by and meet us in person so we can get the ball rolling.

While you came here interested in King playsets, we do want to remind you that we’re the only provider of Gorilla Playsets in Bergen County as well - another trusted brand. 

But, if you want to see the King Swing playground difference in person, there’s just one thing left to do: visit our showroom today!Don't let your dream playground remain a fantasy. Make it a reality with NJ Swing Sets and King Swings playgrounds!