Playground Equipment Single Post 3 Wheel Overhead Spinner

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    Playground Equipment Single Post 3 Wheel Overhead Spinner

    Looking to make your playground more dynamic and fun? Add the Single Post 3 Wheel Overhead Spinner to your recreational area! Spinners are a tremendous way to get children to exercise. As kids hold on, they will be strengthening the muscles in their arms, forearms, and hands to improve grip strength.

    Core muscles will be recruited to help keep kids balanced, helping to build kinesthetic awareness to control their bodies as they twirl. Busy playground? This structure has three spinning wheels for three kids to play on at once. This will increase social interaction to make playing more fun!

    These spinners will produce a lot of joyous laughter and giggles in a small space. This straight-lined structure will fit in smaller areas without taking up too much space.

    This unit can be powder-coated in a wide array of color options to harmonize with the rest of your play area.

  • • MODEL#: PGS020 
    • LEAD TIME: 10-14 Weeks
    • FEATURES: 
    • AGE RANGE: 5-12 Years
    • CAPACITY: 2-3 Kids

    • FALL HEIGHT: 96"
    • PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION: New Jersey and parts of New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania

    DIMS: 12' 4"W x 22' 9"H

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