King Swings The Summit A-Frame Playhouse

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    King Swings The Summit A-Frame Playhouse

    Meet the Summit A-frame Playhouse – inspired by DIY and Cabin Culture, the iconic design evokes nostalgia, simplicity, and a connection to nature. Our affection for this A-frame playhouse is born from its distinctive triangular shape, making it instantly recognizable. The “A” frame shape stands with its clean lines and minimalist design.

    What truly distinguishes the Summit A-Frame Playhouse is its incredible versatility. Whether nestled in a tranquil countryside setting or gracing the heart of a bustling urban backyard, it effortlessly adapts and becomes the epicenter of imaginative play, family retreats, and joyous adventures!

    And let’s talk about practicality too – the weatherproof roof keeps rain and mud in check, while the roomy front porch allows you to add your personal touch with furniture or decorations. With plenty of generously sized, tempered glass windows, you can watch the fun without disrupting their independent play.

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    Overall, the King Swings The Summit A-Frame Playhouse is an absolutely terrific set that your children can play on for years to come because of its rich feature set and sweet, ground level clubhouse. For more information, please visit or contact us at:


    Phone: 1-201-670-4000


    Best of luck choosing the right swing set for your family! 

    • Porch
    • Door
    • Tea Table
    • Chairs - 2 
    • Windows - 7
    • Overhead Metal Roof
    • Decks - 1
    • 20 Year Limited Warranty on Lumber, 1 Year on Accessories

    DIMS: 19'W x 16'D x 11'2"H
    PORCH DIMS: 11'W x 14'D
    PLAYHOUSE DIMS: 13'W x 6'H

  • About King Swings

    It all started in 1988 in a in a 1600 sq. ft. work shop located in beautiful Lancaster County PA. KING SWINGS, a family owned and operated company began designing, manufacturing, and installing swing sets.

    We have since expanded our production facility to over 34,000 sq. ft. to accommodate the growing demand and are currently offering one of the nations most exciting and fun play set lines.

    Made by some of the finest Amish craftsman in the country, our swing sets will provide many hours, days, and years of fun for your children and grandchildren!

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