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Gared Sports Center Drive Gym Divider Curtain

  • Gared Sports Center Drive Gym Divider Curtain offers the same great features as our Top Roll Curtain such as maximum clearance when in the stored position, operation without belts, cables, or exposed wires and guide systems, but goes a step further by eliminating the need for large rollers which require extensive overhead structure attachment

    • Our Center Drive Curtain is a unique design that uses internal tubular motors and a counterweight that eliminates the need for costly extension arms with straps connected at the upper structure to resist the torque of the motor 
    • Utilizes a larger drive tube raising and lowering the curtain 25% faster than the competition 
    • Lowerhalf of the curtain material can be either 19 or 22 oz polyester reinforced vinyl, which is fire retardant and mildew resistant 
    • Seams are electronically welded with a full contact weld 
    • A padded pocket is formed in bottom edge of curtain to accommodate a 1.9” O.D bottom batten while a similar pocket of vinyl or mesh houses the top batten of the same size 
    • Upper half of curtain shall be 9 oz vinyl coated polyester mesh 
    • Drive structure: Depending on the curtain size, it is operated by one or two internal tubular motors (120 volt, 60 hertz, single phase) 
    • Each motor has a max torque of 700 inch pounds with a speed of 14 rpm 
    • Each motor is equipped with integral up and down limit switches with locking push buttons and electromagnetic disk brakes for smooth and accurate stop without slippage and allows full braking power in the event of power failure 
    • Drive tube is 4” O.D and is affixed in center of curtain allowing for increased speed of operation 
    • Internal motor system has a clean look with no wires or cables exposed 
    • Internal driveshaft motors enable lower power requirement and lower torque to move with similar speed as standard external motors 
    • Standard motors pull 15 amps, ours only 3.5 amps 
    • Internal motors allow for larger variation of building configurations with space constraints 
    • Our torque counter weight feature is new technology which does not require any connection to the structure to resist the torque of the motors providing a much cleaner and less complicated installation than the competition 
    • Once positioned in the drive tube and attached to the motor, no belts, structure attachments, or further adjustment are required.

    Color Options:

    19 oz vinyl:Marine Blue, Royal Blue, Yellow, Kelly Green, Orange, Navy Blue, Forest Green, Purple, Red, Burgundy, White, Beige, Black, or Grey.

    22 oz vinyl: Royal Blue, Red, or Grey.

    9 oz mesh: White, Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, Black, or Grey.