First Team Renegade Flight In Ground Outdoor Fixed Height Basketball Hoop 54 inch Fan Shaped Fiberglass

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  • The Renegade offers commercial durability and the added flexibility sometimes needed on the playground. The Renegade post is constructed of 4 1/2 O.D. galvanized schedule 40 tubing. The post buries into the concrete a full 48 deep. A vinyl top cap seals out moisture. The extension arm on the Renegade is attached to the vertical post using two heavy duty U-bolts.

    Though the Renegade is considered a Fixed Height goal, the U-bolts can be loosened, allowing the arm to be re-attached at any given height along the post. An extensive selection of backboards and rims are available on the Renegade. Choose the package that fits your needs. Every Renegade package comes with a 20-Year Limited Warranty.

    • FT1875 Renegade Post System
    • FT1875EA Renegade Extension Arm
    • FT275 39x54 Fiberglass Backboard
    • FT172D Unbreakable Fixed Goal
    • Lifetime Limited Warranty
    • Approx. Shipping Weight: 245 lbs.

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