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Birthday Parties at NJ Swingsets!

Hi there!

Jay here - and here is the lowdown on our Birthday Parties. I strongly encourage you to READ EVERYTHING!

The “sweet spot” ages for parties here are 3-8 yrs old, however we have done ages 1-10 – all have fun! The 1-2 year olds at a party will spend more time with the parents, the older kids spend a little more time in the mini arcade.

Here is a video to give you an idea of the setup. This is from an open play session in 2023. The tables are where you would eat and sing happy birthday.

We have two party packages – the first is the Swingin' in YOUR Way party, aka the “Do-it-Yourself” party and the other is the Swingin' in OUR Way party, aka the “Full-Service” party. 

Weekend Birthday Party timeslots are:


Party Package #1: Swinging In YOUR Way Birthday Package (aka Do it Yourself Party):
$400 Mon-Thurs / $450 Fri-Sun

Its YOUR place - you bring in the food and drinks you want! You decorate how you want! You do it your way! (as long as it can be cleaned by the end of the party)

  • 1 hour and 45 minutes
    • You will be given 15 minutes to set up, and 15 minutes to clean up
  • Access to all swing sets and trampolines
  • Access to arcade room
  • Chairs & Tables Included
    • Up to 4 tables to eat, 1 table for cake, 1 table for food, 1 table for gifts/goody bags
  • Bluetooth Speakers
    • Send us your own playlist on Spotify OR play tunes from our playlist
  • Includes up to 15 children ( max. 32)
    • $10 per additional child
  • Happy Birthday sign with child’s name
  • Employee on site
  • Pass for one free open play

Party Package #2: Swinging In OUR Way Birthday Package:
$600 Mon-Thurs / $650 Fri-Sun

Includes everything in the Swinging in YOUR Way Package PLUS:

  • We supply Pizza, Juice and Water for up to 15 kids
  • Happy Birthday Themed tablecloths, Napkins, Plates, Cups and Utensils
  • Server to Assist with Serving Food & Cake for Children
  • Includes up to 15 children ( max. 32)
    • $10 per additional child
  • **If this is a morning party, we supply bagels with butter & cream cheese, coffee for adults and water

**NOTE on Saturday and Weekday Parties** - It’s possible we may have customers walk in on a Weekday/Saturday between 10-5pm to browse our sets for purchase. Please keep this in mind when considering a Saturday or weekday party. The chances of 1 family/person showing up in store during the winter is very low, however. Fall/Spring/Summer higher. No matter what day you choose, there is only 1 birthday party at a time and NO OPEN PLAYduring a party Birthday Parties are private events, however we can only guarantee 100% privacy on a Sunday.

A little more about the parties

One of the biggest draws of a party here is that it’s your own private space.

The space is “contained” – meaning your kids are free to run around, but you won’t lose them like at other large venues with many parties happening at the same time. You have the option of doing whatever you like with the time you have here as well (to a certain extent, of course.)

Some things people have done in the past here are bringing in face painters, characters like Batman or Micky Mouse, or bringing in their own decorations, food and “beverages” of their choice.

You have more's some more info

Q - Do you provide the cake, cupcakes or sweets?

A - We do not provide cake/cupcakes/sweets in either option. This would be on you to bring.

For custom cakes, cookies & more check out wish upon a pastry located right in Midland Park!

Easily order a wide variety of custom treats on their website, and mention NJ Swingsets to get 15% off your parties order!

For Ice Cream Cakes, we recommend Dairy Queen in Wyckoff. They always have tons to choose from, and our feedback is always "they're the best." Website below:

Q - Where is the pizza from? Where do you recommend we get food?

A - We use Natale’s Pizzeria in Waldwick for pizza during our full service parties. They have great pizza that is delivered hot to your party. If you do a self serve party, I recommend using them if you plan to get pizza.

Q - Can we theme out our party but have you take care of the food and serving?

A- Yes, you can do a hybrid party. Many people want to theme out their party (bring the tablecloths, plates, napkins, cups & utensils.) But they want us to do the setup and serve the food. In this case, you'd do a full service party minus the setup. To Book a hybrid party, select a Swinging in Our Way party and add in the notes section you'd like to bring the supplies.

Q - Can we bring in our own food, drinks, etc if doing a Swinging in Our Way party?

A - Yep, you can bring in anything as long as it can be cleaned before you leave. The one thing we cannot accommodate anymore is a Pinata - No Pinatas please!. We had too many issues with them in the past, so we've decided against them.

Q - Can we extend the time for a party?

A - You can book two timeslots in a row if you'd like an extended party, if available.


The only other option to extend the 1:45 minute time frame would be to book the 430pm slot and add time onto the end of the party. It would be $75 per additional 30 minutes. You must let us know IN ADVANCE if you want to do this, not the day of the party.

Q - What are your payment terms?

A - We take a $50 deposit and the balance is due on or near the day of the party. You can also pay the balance in full up front.

Q - How long do we have to setup and cleanup?

A - You can come 15-30 min before to set up, and you have 15 minutes after party end time to clean up and for everyone to vacate. You can drop off party supplies such as balloons, decorations and food/drinks anytime before your party as long as you give us a heads up.

Q - What is your cancellation policy?

A - You can cancel with a full refund up to 1 month before your party date. If you cancel the week of your party, we do our best to help you reschedule.

Q - Can we come in to see if my child likes it?

A - I highly recommend you come check out the space if you haven't already. You can get a good idea of the layout and we can discuss more in person. We are generally open M-Sat 10-5 at the moment. 

Q - Will you contact us after we book a date?

A - Yes, we we will call you to go over all of the details the week of your party. Feel free to call us at anytime beforehand with questions.

Q - Do you have balloons? Can we bring balloons?

A - We do not have balloons. You can bring balloons. We recommend the Balloon Man, Carmen, in Hawthorne for specialty balloon setups like arches and pillars. His email is, phone is 1-973-493-0333. For loose balloons, your local party store, or something similar, seems to be the best option.

Q - Do you allow face painters, balloons or other characters in during parties?

A - Yes! We recommend Jazzana (Janis) ( for face painting, tattoos and balloon art. 

We also recommend Bonne the Clown (Ivonne) for face painting, balloon art, magic shows, henna, glitter tattoos, cotton candy and more. (

You are welcome to bring in any characters, etc. as long as we know in advance.

Thanks for your interest! Let us know if you have any additional questions.

Contact us at or 201-670-4000 x1


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