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IPEMA Certified Playground Equipment for  Schools, Parks, Churches and More!


Who We Serve

We are a Local Family Owned and Operated Business Serving NJ, NY & CT



State & County Parks

Places of Worship

Community Centers


Who We Are

NJ Swingsets is a local, family owned and operated company serving the Tri State area since 2013. Psagot Playgrounds is an internationally renowned, family owned playground equipment supplier. 


Our own children are playing on what we build – and as parents 

we want what is best for them!

Playground Design From The Heart

We try to design our playgrounds through the lens of our children, thus pouring the world of their content and imagination into our creations. 


Everything we do comes from the heart and you - our clients - feel it just as we do.

Why NJ Swingsets?

We provide the most cutting edge playground designs that do not sacrifice quality or safety. In fact, everything is IPEMA certified. 


We guarantee you won’t need a mega budget to build the playground of your dreams!

The Vision

“When opening NJ Swingsets in 2013, I chose to work with brands that had the most beautiful designs. Designs that didn’t sacrifice quality or safety—and designs that didn’t require the budget of a global corporation to implement. 


The goal was to provide beautiful, safe, fun playgrounds for our children at the best possible value.” 


Jay S – Owner

Our products have been 

Installed safely 

all over the world

We value what you value most -

Safety, Accessibility, Inclusivity and Beauty 

IPEMA Certified

Ada Accessible

Sensory Play

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