Gorilla Playsets Chateau II

The Gorilla Playsets Chateau II is one of the most popular swing sets in the Gorilla line of playsets.

There are 2 major variations of this set: The Chateau II and the Chateau II Clubhouse. The difference between these two is the Chateau II comes with a sandbox and half picnic table underneath the main deck, and the Chateau II Clubhouse comes with an enclosed clubhouse underneath the main deck.

There are 5 minor variations of each of these sets. The Chateau II and Chateau II Clubhouse come with wooden roofs. The Deluxe versions come with a vinyl top. The Supreme CG/WG versions come with Sunbrella tops. The Treehouse versions come with wooden roofs and an upper enclosure with windows.

The Chateau II Duo is new for 2015 and has an extra swing beam! The Chateau II line is the "best bang for your buck" in our opinion out of the entire Gorilla Playsets line!

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