Playground Equipment Single Post Tilted Pebble Bridge

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    Playground Equipment Single Post Tilted Pebble Bridge

    The Single Post Tilted Pebble Bridge is a crafty balance challenge across a sequence of crazily tilted platforms. Getting from one end to the other along this challenging path will require kids to use their brains and implement some smart planning to scamper successfully.

    The steps are made of rotationally molded plastic and utilize textured surfacing to help children’s shoes maintain a strong grip. The six steps are spaced just far apart enough to dare kids to stretch just a bit further in order to not touch the ground that’s close below.

    Smart playground design incorporates playground equipment like our bridge in order to encourage children to form a better sense of proprioception, or a sense of body positioning. This bridge also is modestly sized, which helps ease decision making when plotting out the arrangement of playground equipment on a plot of land. 

    The pebble bridge is available in the color scheme shown or it can be altered to fit your specific needs (custom coloring requires longer delivery terms).

  • • MODEL#: PGS029 
    • LEAD TIME: 10-14 Weeks
    • FEATURES: 
    • AGE RANGE: 5-12 Years
    • CAPACITY: 3-4 Kids

    • FALL HEIGHT: 96"
    • PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION: New Jersey and parts of New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania

    DIMS: 13' 10"W x 20' 6"H

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