King Swings Commercial Playgrounds Seafarer

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    King Swings Commercial Playgrounds Seafarer

    The Seafarer Commercial Playground offers a wide range of enjoyable and thrilling activities suitable for kids of all ages. From speedy slides to a tunnel with a slope, a rock wall, and much more, this playground is an ideal choice for schools, parks, daycares, churches, and many other places.

    The play decks are spacious, allowing for imaginative play, while also allowing parents to easily supervise their children. Moreover, our ADA transfer station ensures that this commercial playground equipment is compliant with ADA regulations.

    The Seafarer Playground was meticulously designed by certified playground safety inspectors and constructed to meet the highest ASTM standards.

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    • Age Range: 2-12 years old
    • Max Fall Height: 5′
    • PlayZone Area: 32’x32′
    • ADA Compliant: Yes
    • Compliant w/ASTM: Yes
    • Compliant w/CSPS: Yes
    • Clearance Path: 6’2″
    • Wood Mulch Depth: 12″ of uncompressed wood chips
    • Rubber Mulch Depth: 6″ rubber mulch
    • Poured-in-Place Rubber Flooring: 1024 sq ft
    • Towers: 1′ 6’x6′ tower w/ADA access, 3′ 6’x6′ tower, 5′ 6’x6′ tower
    • Climbers: 3′ Staircase, 5′ Rock Wall
    • Slides: 3′ Super Spiral Slide, 5′ Avalanche Slides (2)
    • Toys: Bird Panel, Tree Climber
    • Rooftops: Commercial Grade Rooftops (3)
    • Connectors: Connector Staircases, 3′ Slope Tunnel w/clear panel

  • About King Swings

    King Swings Commercial had its genesis in Lancaster County, PA when Ben King started making residential playground equipment in his barn. The company has grown considerably under Elmer King, Ben’s son, and King Swings is now turning its proven product and processes to the commercial world.

    King Swings has spent more than 30 years working with families in the residential sector. We learned much about what people like and didn’t like in a playground purchasing journey. People like clarity, quick responses, and no pressure. That is what we provide.

    Our commercial swing sets and commercial playground equipment were designed by Certified Playground Safety Inspectors and are built to ASTM standards.

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