Where to Buy a Swing Set in New Jersey

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Whether you had a backyard set or frequented the playgrounds in your community, we can all fondly recall the joyous outdoor fun a swing set can bring. Swing sets provide timeless fun that helps kids exercise in a safe environment.

Swing sets aren’t something you can just quickly order on the internet and install instantly, however. Figuring out where to buy a swing set involves planning and researching to find the perfect fit for your children.

That’s why we’ve compiled this guide to assist you while shopping. Here at NJ Swingsets, we are the #1 choice, thanks to our commitment to a friendly and fun experience from shopping to installation. If you’re looking for swing sets in NJ, our Bergen County-based team is your best bet.

But don’t just take it from us. Let’s explore everything you need to know while shopping for a swing set to help you make the perfect choice.

Why Where You Buy a Swing Set Matters

Outdoor fun, private playtime experiences, cognitive development; the number of swing set benefits are nearly endless, but not all sets can live up to the challenge. You’ll need to invest in a safe and durable set to maximize your investment and ensure a fun play experience for your family.

Safety Standards and Compliance

Safety is your top priority when investing in a new play set. It is critical to find sets that comply with international safety standards, such as those rated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

These standards include engineer-tested materials, adequate fall zones for swings and slides, and sturdy construction. 

While it can be tempting to save money, these safety standards are why you shouldn't buy a cheap swing set. Only the highest-rated sets comply with these standards. If you don’t see standards compliance prominently displayed, you should run in the opposite direction to avoid a dangerous outcome for your family.

Longevity and Durability of Products

While shopping for a new swing set is fun, you want to ensure your investment is one you make every couple of decades rather than every year. The materials used to craft your swing set will determine its long-term viability.

Look for providers with a strong track record and several reviews that point to the durability of their products.

Guidance in Choosing & Building the Swing Set

Whether it’s figuring out the best wood for a swing set or choosing between accessories like rock walls and monkey bars, sometimes a professional opinion can be just what the doctor ordered.

The right provider can help you figure out how to choose a swing set. Their expertise on your local climate or consultations to narrow your options based on your backyard’s dimensions can ease your stress from the shopping experience.

Speaking of shopping, there’s much more to consider even after finding a helpful provider with an inventory of safe and durable sets.

What to Consider When Searching for Where to Buy a Swing Set

The best places to buy a swing set deliver a friendly shopping experience without compromising the safety or durability of your new product. You’ll want providers with diverse inventories for your climate, backed by comprehensive warranties and local expertise.

Variety of Styles

The potential designs of swing sets are nearly limitless. Whether your children have favorite accessories like clubhouses or slides, or you need a design to fit your yard’s dimensions, there’s something for everyone.

You may also wish to invest in a modular set to adapt to your growing family in the future. No matter what your shopping wish list is, finding a provider with a diverse inventory can be a huge help.

Material Quality and Design Features

With safety and durability at the forefront of your search, you must find sets that pass these tests with flying colors.

For example, consider metal vs wood swing sets. Wood swing sets are often more durable if they are created using rot-resistant wood species like cedar.

There may be other design features on your wishlist, like canopy tops for shade or ADA accessibility.

Warranty and Maintenance Services

Even when you invest in the most durable materials for your swing set, keeping your set in tip-top shape for decades requires some upkeep. Finding providers with lasting warranties and maintenance services can help you nip any issues in the bud.

If you want to minimize maintenance, consider opting for a vinyl swing set vs. wood, as the preserved materials in a vinyl set require negligible upkeep.

Customization Options

Falling in love with a set only to realize it’s missing an accessory or won’t precisely conform to your backyard can be heartbreaking. That’s why finding a provider that offers customizing services can be essential.

These customizations can include unique part colors, additional accessories, or engravings that spark imaginative play for your family.

Brand Support

Since you can’t just buy any swing set and go on with your day, having the support of your supplier is crucial. This can include installation services that guarantee a safe play experience, consultations for your yard, and customer support for maintenance questions.

Brand support can also come in the form of reliable pricing or price-matching services to guarantee you are getting the best possible deal.

Accessibility to Your Location

Lastly, having your provider nearby can be a huge boon. Buying locally can offer fast shipping, assistance with installation, and the ability to exchange products as needed quickly.

Providers with local showrooms can also allow you to preview sets before purchase, ensuring you find the perfect match.

With that, let’s find your perfect provider.

Where Can I Buy a Swing Set in New Jersey That Checks All These Boxes?

Now that you have a complete swing set checklist to guide you while shopping, there’s only one more puzzle for you to solve: where to buy a swing set near me in New Jersey?

Whether you are seeking a cozy home swing set or a complex commercial swing set, making the right choice will ensure you install a swing set that lasts for years.

Comparing Local vs National Providers

Given the average swing set costs you can expect to pay, you want to ensure you are making a wise investment. You need to find a durable product with a reputation for safety while guaranteeing children a fun play experience.

On top of that, you also need to ensure your installation goes smoothly. Given all these criteria, how do local and national providers compare against one another?

  • Inventory: Both national and local providers can offer diverse selections of products with swing sets for any occasion. The advantage here goes to the local route since their inventory will be better suited to your area's climate.
  • Price: Costs are usually comparable between local and national providers. Both types of providers should be able to offer bulk prices or price-matching to ensure you get the best value.
  • Shipping: When you are considering where to buy a swing set near me, consider shipping costs and delivery times. While both types of providers will ultimately be able to deliver your product, local shops will do so quicker within their service areas.
  • Installation: Seeking professional installation for your new swing set is critical since the safety of your children hangs in the balance. Local providers often provide installation services with their purchases, while national providers will leave you scrambling to try to interpret helpful instruction manuals.
  • Customer Support: Local providers also outpace national providers regarding customer support. You can receive personalized consultations based on your local climate and the dimensions of your outdoor area, visit local showrooms to visualize your purchase personally, and return or exchange items without hassle.

It’s clear local providers are the winners of this debate. The only thing likely to be left on your mind is: where can I buy a swing set in New Jersey?

What Makes NJ Swing Sets the Most Trusted Provider in New Jersey?

Okay, there’s one last factor we didn’t touch on much in our guide. That factor is the most crucial part of installing a swing set: fun!

If you are looking for where to buy a swing set in New Jersey, look no further than NJ Swingsets!  We are loved by local families from Bergen County and beyond, thanks to our commitment to a fun and stress-free shopping experience.

With our diverse inventory of wood and vinyl swing sets from storied national brands like King Swings and Gorilla Playground, we can help you craft the perfect swing set for the dimensions of your yard. We offer yard consultations and will always work to ensure the products you purchase maximize joy for you and your family.

Our owner, Jay, will work with you directly through email, phone, or at our showroom in Bergen County. Jay and the rest of our team have helped design and install thousands of swing sets over the years, even working with HGTV’s Cathy Hobbs for a feature on PIX 11 news in New York City.

Unlike national brands, we are here for you at every step along the journey. From the moment you step into our showroom to helping you celebrate a successful installation, we are committed to providing a friendly and fun shopping experience.

Our Most Popular Styles

We have spent so much time discussing where to buy a swing set, but you must also consider what type of set you wish to purchase!

  • Wooden swing sets, including cedar swing sets, are timeless classics that work with any home aesthetic and offer sturdy play.
  • If lower maintenance is your jam, we also carry vinyl swingsets that incorporate preserved wood that will easily withstand extreme temperatures
  • Our inventory of clubhouse swing sets will serve as a baseline for imaginative play under the shade, whether your children are slaying dragons or creating a secret club with friends.

Looking for specific accessories with your swing set? You can easily navigate our inventory for the exact set you’ve been dreaming of.

These styles are just the tip of the iceberg. If any of them caught your eye and you have additional questions, contact us or plan a visit to our showroom!

Visit Us in Bergen County Today!

Perhaps most importantly, finding the perfect swing set means nothing if it’s a flop for your children. By choosing NJ Swingsets, you can skip the guesswork of determining which swing set accessories your family will enjoy the most.

That’s because our showroom in Bergen County is the perfect place to inspect swing sets yourself before purchase! We feature six open play sets featuring everything from tubes to rock walls, allowing you and your children to put our swing sets to the test.

We also provide a mini arcade, leaning into our commitment to a fun shopping experience. NJ Swingsets is also rated as one of the best places for kids birthday parties in Bergen County, NJ. You can visit us Monday through Saturday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM or contact our team to book an open play session for your family.

Final Thoughts on Where to Buy a Swing Set in New Jersey

Overall, figuring out where to buy a swing set requires a little bit of research. You want to strike the perfect balance of reasonable prices, an easy shopping experience, and, most importantly, fun for you and your family.

Thankfully, you don’t have to search far. Jay and our team here at NJ Swingsets are committed to a friendly and enjoyable shopping experience that delivers the perfect play area for your home.

When you reach out to us by email, phone, or at our showroom in Bergen County, we’ll work with you directly with best-in-class support every step of the way. Years of joy await you and your family, so contact us today to get started!

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