How Much is a Gorilla Swing Set Worth?

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Playsets are an excellent way to encourage active outdoor play for children and families. Among the best brands in the industry is Gorilla Playsets, known for its high-quality cedar sets built with durability and safety in mind.

If you are shopping for a new playset for your home, you may wonder, how much is aGorilla Swing Set worth? 

The value of a Gorilla play set will vary based on the design and features present within each model. But thanks to a mix of durable cedar, fun play features, and a strong reputation leading to massive resale value, you can rest assured knowing a Gorilla swing set is a wise investment.

We’ll cover everything you need to know about one of the world’s best swing set companies, from their pricing model to how they stack up against other brands.

Background Information on Gorilla Playsets

Gorilla Playsets has a rich history spanning over three decades. From their small family business roots, they became an industry titan in the playground equipment space.

Gorilla swing sets are made from premium cedar, considered thebest wood for swing sets. This high-quality cedar is paired with galvanized steel frames and brackets to ensure a weather-resistant, durable build.

Gorilla also operates a 100% environmentally friendly manufacturing process, including wood sustainability practices and recyclable plastics for slides and swings.

Over the years, Gorilla has cultivated a line of playsets adored by families for their unique selection of play features. You can find everything from classicswing sets with monkey bars to extravagantclubhouse swing sets that spark imaginative play. Gorilla’s sets promote cognitive and physical development for children of all ages.

Safety is another top priority. Gorilla Playsets has an experienced team of playground engineers to help their sets adhere to ASTM, CPSIA, and CPSC standards for consumer safety. Rigorous independent testing has proven their sets are child-friendly, making them a top choice.

That being said, how much is a Gorilla swing set worth?

How Much is a Gorilla Swing Set Worth?

If you’re shopping for a new swing set for your home’s outdoor spaces, you want to maximize your investment. So, how much is a Gorilla swing set worth?

From their quality to the pricing model, a lot goes into the valuation of a Gorilla swing set.

Are Gorilla Swing Sets Good Quality?

Gorilla Playsets and quality go hand-in-hand. Gorilla uses premium cuts of cedar wood that are rot-resistant, moisture-resistant, and temperature-resistant in all their sets. 

The high-quality cedar in Gorilla sets is paired with crafted steel joints, brackets, and durable plastic accessories to guarantee a safe play experience for years.

Gorilla sets are packaged together at their facility in Georgia, with expert craftsmanship, thanks to an experienced design team. They also provide manufacturer’s warranties on their sets' wooden and metal parts.

Overview of Gorilla Swing Set Pricing

Whileswing set costs aren’t cheap, Gorilla Playsets offers competitive pricing. Gorilla's inventory has a wide range of models to accommodate various needs.

The base Gorilla sets start around $1400 and feature multiple swings and slides. Mid-range sets, likeswing sets with rock walls, multiple slides, and monkey bars, are priced around $2000 to $3500.

If you’re looking for a premiercedar swing set, Gorilla also features large sets with all the bells and whistles, including canopies, treehouses, several slides and swings, and more. These sets start around $3600, with the flagship set costing $7200.

Key Features That Influence Gorilla Swing Set’s Worth

With the myriadswing set benefits that come from investing in a Gorilla play set, it’s helpful to understand precisely what makes them so valuable.

Gorilla stands out among playset brands because they rely on 100% premium cedar wood. Other brands either use a mix of wood or metal for their structure beams or a less durable lumber species.

Additionally, Gorilla uses galvanized steel for their brackets, fasteners, and other structural pieces. The quality of craftsmanship found in Gorilla swing sets goes above and beyond industry standards.

On top of their sturdy designs, Gorilla swing sets are kid-tested and kid-approved. Children and families love the various features, including clubhouses, slides, monkey bars, and more. Families can also rest assured knowing Gorilla sets go through rigorous safety testing, meeting and exceeding ASTM, CPSI, and CPSC standards.

Comparison With Other Manufacturers

Gorilla is a major brand, but how much is a Gorilla swing set worth compared to their competitors?

Let’s consider the differences inGorilla vs Rainbow playsets. Both brands have a massive presence in the playset industry due to their reputation for durable and enjoyable playsets.

However, Gorilla outcompetes Rainbow on most fronts thanks to a competitive pricing model, easier maintenance due to quality materials, and rigorous safety testing.

For an example of the cost savings you’ll find, the Gorilla Chateau model costs $2199+600 for installation, while the equivalent Rainbow set, Circus, costs $2999+299!

It is also essential to consider the differences invinyl swing sets vs wood when looking at Gorilla as a brand. King Swings is the industry leader in Vinyl sets and is a fair comparison for Gorilla’s inventory.

Even when pitting these two together, Gorilla holds its own. Gorilla’s use of 100% premium cedar is contrasted against King’s mix of pressure-treated lumber and composite plastics, which makes Gorilla one of the most durable options on the market.

Overall, Gorilla stands out on its own, even when compared to industry titans like Playground One, King Swings, and Rainbow.

So, is a Gorilla Swing Set Worth It?

Gorilla Playsets are one of the best brands in the industry. But how much is a Gorilla swing set worth to you and your family?

Between unparalleled safety, competitive pricing, and a durable design that can last for decades, investing in a Gorilla set is one of the best decisions you can make for your children.

Now that you have your eyes on the prize that is Gorilla Playsets, it’s time to help you select the perfect set for your family.

Tips on Choosing the Right Gorilla Playground Set

Learninghow to choose a swing set is the most exciting part of shopping. You can create lasting memories by weighing your outdoor space and selecting a set that will provide fun for children throughout their youth.

Assessing Your Backyard Space

Gorilla Playsets has a diverse inventory of sets, allowing you to choose an ideal option for your outdoor spaces. Measure your yard, leaving room for safe fall zones around equipment like slides, swings, and monkey bars.

We recommend leaving at least 6 feet in all directions for basic swings, while other accessories like tire swings require even more space. With the smallest Gorilla set featuring dimensions of 15’x13’x10.6’, you’ll need an outdoor space of at least 20’ in every direction to install any set safely.

However, some Gorilla sets are more than 30’ wide or long. If you have any questions regarding the spacing of your outdoor areas, consult with a swing set retailer for specifics.

Identifying Appropriate Age Range and Capacity

Gorilla swing sets are designed to provide fun play experiences for children of all ages. You can find toddler swings for young ones as small as 18 months to 4 years, as long as they are under the 50-pound weight capacity.

Beyond that, most children can use features like slides, monkey bars, and ladders when age-appropriate. Swings are rated for children up to 225 pounds and slides for those under 250 pounds.

As the children in your family grow, adding accessories like rock walls, monkey bars, and tire swings can provide challenging and engaging play experiences.

Balancing Fun with Educational Elements

Gorilla incorporates developmentally appropriate play into every set design. Swings build upper body strength and encourage outdoor activity. Adding climbing tools like monkey bars, ropes, and rock walls is vital for promoting motor skills and coordination.

Other features, like clubhouses, play panels with fun designs, and forts, can spark creativity and social interaction.

Customization Options

The customization you can implement when investing in a Gorilla playset will vary based on the model you want to buy. You may be able to change the colors of swing seats and the type of swing, including options like bucket swings, toddler swings, gliders, and others.

Other accessories like slides, clubhouses, and monkey bars can be added or tweaked with some sets. We recommend working with a reliable retailer to get professional assistance regarding which customizations are possible.

Budget Considerations

Gorilla has a playset for every budget. You can find high-quality sets with multiple play features starting at $1300, up to complex designs around $8000.

You’ll also want to consider delivery and installation costs for your set. These can add to your overall cost but also save you the stress of transporting and installing a set yourself. We recommend working with a local retailer offering installation to save money on these extra fees.

Finding a Reliable Retailer and Installation Provider

We’ve explored Gorilla in full detail, so the only thing left for you to do is figure outwhere to buy a swing set!

Thanks to their popularity, you can find Gorilla Playsets at many retailers. While you can purchase directly from Gorilla, you’ll still need to secure delivery and someone to install the set.

We recommend local playground equipment shops for the best results. They can offer help setting up your outdoor area, help you preview sets in person at their showrooms, and manage customization, delivery, and installation for you.

Speaking of local retailers, it’s time we show you thebest place to buy a swing set if you’re in New Jersey and the surrounding area.

Where Can You Learn More About Gorilla Swing Sets?

The #1 home for Gorilla’swooden swing sets in NJ is NJ Swingsets. We are a family-owned business that has helped hundreds of local families bring unforgettable outdoor play experiences to their homes.

Our team is led by Jay, our friendly and fun founder, who loves working with families. Whether you want advice on a custom design or need help deciding between a second slide and monkey bars, Jay and our team will have your back.

Unlike many playground equipment stores, we’ll only recommend equipment you and your family will actually use and enjoy. With no hidden costs, experienced installation and delivery services, and friendly customer support, buying a set with us is a breeze!

If you can dream it up, we can make it happen. Between our three major brands, Gorilla, Playground One, and King Swings, you can findswing sets with tire swings,swing sets with tube slides,swing sets with sandboxes, and more!

In addition to being the premier retailer of wooden andvinyl swing sets in NJ, our showroom is also one of the bestplaces for kids birthday parties in Bergen County, NJ! We host open play and event sessions using fully-built playsets from our inventory, allowing your children to try before you buy!

Closing Thoughts on How Much Gorilla Swing Sets Are Worth

Overall, Gorilla has gained a strong reputation in the swing set industry for a reason. With a focus on safety, high-quality materials, and fun designs, they are a worthwhile investment for any family.

If you’re in New Jersey, the best place to find a Gorilla set is at NJ Swingsets.

When shopping with us, you’ll find several residential andcommercial swing sets for sale from top brands like Gorilla,King Swings, Playground One, and more.

If you enjoyed our guide, consider checking out our blog for other articles exploring the world of outdoor play equipment. Some of our recent works includewhy you shouldn't buy a cheap swing set and comparingmetal vs wood swing sets.

Otherwise, the #1 home forBergen County swing sets awaits you. Call us at (201)-670-4000 to chat with our team of New Jersey locals, or stop by our store in Bergen County to see what we have to offer!

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