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Build your dream swingset. Have your child's private birthday party. Or just come in and play on our indoor playground!

Hello and welcome to NJ Swingsets. We are a local, family owned business, operating since 2013.

Our indoor showroom serves as an indoor playground where you can test out our swingsets for purchase. We also offer private birthday parties for your children and indoor open play!

We are located in Bergen County and serve ALL areas of New Jersey. Stop by or give us a call - we'd love to meet you!

Jay S - Owner

Address:  59 Greenwood Ave Unit 9 Midland Park, NJ 07432
Phone: 1-201-670-4000 x1
Email: Team@NJSwingsets.com
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Store Hours
Monday - Saturday - 10am - 5pm

For customers in New Jersey and parts of NY, CT and PA within a 120 radius of 07432, we offer personalized services, limitless swing set customization options, and delivery and installation services. 


The NJ Swingsets Story

Well hello there! Jay here, and here is the NJ Swingsets story!

Years back I left a 10 year career on Wall Street to start a web design and marketing business.

What does that have to do with swing sets? Well, hold your horses I'm getting there!

Soon after, I took on a client that sold swing sets and we struck a deal: I would do sales during the busy spring season, and during the slower summer season I would then do his marketing.

All went extremely well. I even outsold the owner in swing sets that spring!

When summer came around and our contract was up, I was both happy for the experience but sad it was over. I knew I had found something I really enjoyed and truly cared about – bringing joy to the families who purchased those playsets!

The Trip To Arizona

Arizona? Huh? Yep! That's how this all started!

Later that summer I took a trip to Phoenix, AZ for the first time to visit a friend. I immediately fell in love with Arizona. The surrounding mountains of Sedona were breathtaking, and the Phoenix Lifestyle was so much more laid back than NJ.

While hiking in Sedona, my friend and his wife told me they were opening up their own bagel store in Phoenix and planning to have a child. I felt a rush of joy run over me for two reasons: the first being so happy to hear about their plans! The second being it was at the time the thought first hit me - YOU SHOULD OPEN A SWING SET STORE IN ARIZONA!

Although the idea really appealed to me, I couldn't humor it at that moment. There was just too much to do at home. I finished up the trip, congratulated my friend and his wife, and headed back to 'Jersey.

Back to the Grind

I continued working my web design business but could not get playsets out of my head. I kept thinking about two recurring themes that customers mentioned while I was working at the swing set store:

1.) Many customers had shared their poor experiences with different swing set stores

2.) Many customers AND dealers were negatively affected from unresponsive, apathetic swing set manufacturers.

Months and months passed and I couldn't figure it out. Why do these people make doing business way more difficult than it should be? How does anyone do business in an industry that treats people so poorly?

I mean it's parents and children you are dealing with here for heaven's sake!

"You made my day! Thanks!" - Eric M, Helotes, TX

Making the Dream A Reality

Shortly after, I remembered that thought I’d had back in Arizona and decided I'd had enough. 

I started ArizonaPlaysets.com to remedy those concerning trends of poor experiences and unreliable service in the playset / swing set industry. I vowed that customer satisfaction would be THE NUMBER ONE priority.

I vowed to work with only the best swing set manufacturers, provide customers with the best swing sets on the market and provide THE BEST customer service.

Since that day, Arizona Playsets became America's Friendliest Online Swing Set Dealer.  After much success online and plans to open a retail store in Phoenix, I ran into some sad family circumstances and knew it would be best to stay put in New Jersey.

And, boy am I glad I didn't move!

We are now on a mission to bring you THE BEST swing sets and THE BEST customer experience in the industry!

Whether you are viewing our helpful, swing set review videos, or experiencing our friendly, "no pressure" sales guidance, or simply receiving one of our professional and courteous swing set installations - we bring a wonderful, funny, friendly and professional all around experience to your home!

(and we're proud to brag about it,too!)

"Jay, I just wanted to let you know that we've had nothing but an excellent experience with our wonderful new swing set. The kids started playing on it before Scott left after installing it!" - Jeanine M, Long Island, NY

I am very excited to serve you! Please let us know how we can help you and your family!

Jay Samolowicz - Owner - NJ Swingsets

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