VersaCourt H-7 Half Basketball Court Surfacing - 44'3" x 28'2"

  • The VersaCourt H-7 Small Basketball Court Surfacing - 44'3" x 28'2"

    The size of a standard basketball court used in the professional or college ranks measures 94 feet long x 50 feet wide while many high school courts measure 84 feet long x 50 feet wide.  Junior high courts can be even smaller at 74 feet long x 42 feet wide.  Based on this, basketball half court dimensions would be 47 x 50, 42 x 50, or 37 x 42.  

    However, our research shows that most people installing a backyard basketball court are mostly concerned with getting a court with an entire 3-point arc and don’t necessarily want an entire half court.  Therefore, VersaCourt has based their basketball half court kits on the most commonly requested sizes.

    VersaCourt also offers fully customized courts for all uses! Give us a call at 201-670-4000 with any questions.

    VersaCourt H-7 Small Basketball Court Surfacing - 44'3" x 28'2"

    VersaCourt is the most innovative basketball court system on the market today. With its patented interlocking system, VersaCourt provides an exceptionally uniform and durable surface, which allows for intensive activity. In addition, our courts are constructed from ¾” shock absorbing tiles that reduce fatigue, which means that players can play better for longer.

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    • Low Maintenance - clean with hose or leaf blower
    • Backed by our lifetime outdoor tile warranty
    • Exceptional ball bounce and superior grip for maximum playability
    • Up to 50% cooler than concrete and asphalt surfaces
    • Unmatched durability that will stand up to harsh weather conditions
    • Available in any combination of 17 colors
    • Completely customizable - add your own game lines, designs and logos
    • Suspended surface provides forgiveness for players’ lower backs, knees and joints

    Width: 44'3"
    Length: 28'2"
    Sq Ft: 1,250
    Tile: 1,748
    Ramps: 174
    Min. Base Dimensions: 44'5" x 28'4"

  • About VersaCourt

    Derived from the words “Versatile” and “Court,” VersaCourt systems have lived up to their name. The dynamic and colorful appearance combine with its inherent safety, maintenance and performance characteristics to make VersaCourt an obvious choice for all types of sports surfacing. Whether you are a homeowner looking for a backyard basketball court or a school facilities manager requiring a more kid-friendly surface, VersaCourt employs an innovative, centralized design and construction process that improves quality, lowers cost and streamlines installation.

    VersaCourt wants you to be a customer for life and we plan to achieve this by providing you the highest quality products and the industry’s best and most clear warranty. Our desire is that when you place your faith in us you will have a worry-free recreational surface for years to come. That’s why we have invested heavily in state-of-the-art injection molding equipment and control all aspects of manufacturing every tile we sell. Also, we have partnered with the best automotive additive suppliers to ensure our UV stabilizers and other proprietary additives will provide our products with the longest life possible.

    Why Choose VersaCourt?

    Customers Come First Philosophy
    The secret to a long-lasting court lies in expert design, service, and installation. We promise to deliver everything needed before, during, and after installation to keep your court performing for years to come.

    Custom Courts Built Just For You
    Let us custom design a court just for you...any size, any color combination, any game, any logo, everything you want. When you work with VersaCourt, you will work with our in-house designers to get a custom solution that fits your backyard, activities and budget.

    Made In The USA
    We are proud that all of our surfacing options are made right here in the USA.

    The VersaCourt Difference
    Every VersaCourt order is fully assembled in our warehouse and all requested lines and logos are pre-painted by our team of professionals in a controlled environment to ensure accuracy and longevity. We then number each section, disassemble the court, and pack the tiles according to a labeled diagram.

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