First Team Volleyball Drill Cart

Ships in 3-7 Business Days
  • Durable, lightweight and simple to use, each of our volleyball drill carts and ball carriers is designed to let you make the most out of every practice session. Our carriers include swivel casters, durable racks and sturdy handles. They're perfect for storage between uses, as well as economical and convenient.  Our Ball Hog can be custom lettered with your school or company name.

    • Volleyball Drill Cart
    • Great for conducting drills in practice / warm-ups
    • Durable yet lightweight
    • Folds for easy storage
    • Includes carrying case
    • Measures 48" L x 22" W x 12" D x 40" H
    • Holds approximately 30 balls
    • Shipping weight: 15 lbs.
    • 1 year limited warranty

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