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First Team RollaBlast Portable Volleyball System

  • First Team introduces the RollaBlast!

    For facilities where floor sockets or floor anchors are not desired or not possible, the RollaBlast is a great option for your premium recreational volleyball court requirements.

    Far superior to common lightweight tip and roll type volleyball standards, RollaBlast is capable of true, competition grade net tension. The unit is fully self-contained and can be set up by one person in less than 5 minutes. The base units easily roll into place and can be locked into position by raising the 4" square posts to an upright position with the post actuator. Anti-skid bar in front prevents slipping on all floor types. Net and net tensioner are the same high quality parts used on our popular Blast indoor/outdoor standards. Net height adjustments from 78" to 98" are quick and easy. Turn the knob and slide collar to appropriate net height. Net height is shown on built in net height gauge on back of each post.

    Each unit includes, two portable base units, two upright posts, net tensioner, competition volleyball net made with KEVLAR, antennae set, two sets of base padding and upright post pads. Entire system is covered by First Team's Limited Lifetime Warranty.

    So if your facility demands a totally freestanding portable volleyball system, choose the best and let the good times roll with RollaBlast!


    • RollaBlast - Complete System As Described Above
    • Approx. Shipping Weight: 708 lbs.
    • Lifetime Limited Warranty


    • RollaBlast ST - Same System As RollaBlast Including Padded Judges Stand
    • Approx. Shipping Weight: 880 lbs.
    • Lifetime Limited Warranty